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Welcome in our two houses of end 19th century, with apartments of 4 and 8 bed places, surrounded by 30 hectares of fields and oak wood, destined to repopulation zone.

Climbing toward the country house you'll discover the lowlands of Gualdo Tadino and of Gubbio, as well as the hills of Valfabbrica.

When you arrive in the rural, calm and silent borough, which is delimited by a small sanctuary and the agricultural structure, you'll see an old oven for bread and fire meat cooking.

Entering the houses you'll find the furniture of the country residences of a few decades ago.


mc012.jpg (31959 byte)A "boccia" game place, games for children, bicycles, ping pong are at your disposition.

Easter Tuesday, great celebration in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Monte Camera, with procession through the countryside.

We speak english, french, german and, naturally, italian.



Agriturismo Monte Camera di Fabrizia Bonomi

Fraz. San Pellegrino - LocalitÓ Monte Camera - I-06023 Gualdo Tadino (PG)

Tel.: (+39)075918145 - (+39)011258189 - Fax: (+39)075918145 - Cel.: 3392818730


News from Gualdo Tadino

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